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Sustainable and fair fashion – that you can also afford

Sustainable and fair fashion at reasonable prices – that’s possible! A product of this type should not be overpriced and therefore only accessible to a few. We want to set an example with our vision and show that there is another way.

Sustainable and fair fashion at reasonable prices - that's possible! A product of this type should not be overpriced and therefore only accessible to a few. We want to set an example with our vision and show that there is another way.

Nachhaltige Materialien

It's time to rethink. Reports and images appear more and more often in the media that reveal the often terrible conditions in the textile productions we know and are successful on the market. It is high time to rethink and no longer accept conditions like this. Long-lasting, ecological and fair fashion instead of “fast fashion”, i.e. cheaply produced and short-lasting mass-produced products. A change is now required – for the sake of the environment and also for ourselves.

An organic merino sweater for 150 francs - that's priceless! But there is another way

The ecological wave is on the rise, and change is currently taking place in many economic sectors. The needs of society are changing. More quality instead of quantity. In production, more and more attention is being paid to aspects such as sustainable materials, fair wages and, ultimately, transport that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Innovative ideas promote the shift to a (more) ecological path. It is young companies like us at NIKIN who are tackling the goal of sustainable and fair alternatives to conventional variants - and at a price that is affordable for everyone.

Trendy clothing – that is ecological, fair and also affordable

At NIKIN, a tree is planted for every single product sold, without any additional effort for the customer - for his support, he receives a personal tree certificate, which is intended to assure him that the tree has been planted. The actual planting then takes place by our partner organization, the renowned non-profit company OneTreePlanted. Symbolically, the simple “NIKIN tree” adorns each of our products. But it's not just tree planting alone. Founded in 2016, the company is now certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and produces almost exclusively in Europe, which eliminates the need for many emissions caused by transport. The products contain large amounts of organic cotton, and more and more use is being made of reusable materials, such as cotton fibers from recycled jeans or fibers from recycled polyester. A more sustainable life and the opportunity to give something back to nature, to simplify it and make it accessible to everyone – that is exactly what NIKIN is motivated by. We show transparency, are honest with ourselves and admit that we are not perfect yet - but we are moving in the right direction.


Sustainable and fair products, with often excessive prices, should no longer be considered a luxury good for a few, but should become the general standard for ordinary consumers - and at prices that they can also afford. The use of materials that are harmful to nature and health should be avoided and transport routes should be shortened. This sounds like a utopia, because a single tree doesn't do much, but an entire forest can grow from a single tree. Precautions must be taken to protect our environment, because just as you call into the forest, it echoes back.
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