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Sustainable gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Since the Middle Ages, lovers all over the world have been celebrating the day of love on Valentine's Day and giving each other romantic gifts. How about something sustainable this year?

The most classic gift is probably a colorful bouquet of flowers, but this usually withers after just a few days and is quickly forgotten again. So how about giving flowers that haven't been cut but are still potted instead? 

The bouquet of flowers with a difference

These usually stay fresh for much longer and the recipient can still be happy about them weeks later. Or you can even just give the seeds and instructions for growing them - lots of fun watching them grow and the surprise effect as soon as the flowers open are guaranteed. Alternatively, you can simply give away a tree.

Blumen im Topf

Cralines, easily made at home

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate – pralines are a very sought-after product for lovers on Valentine's Day. However, they are often packaged in such a way that there is a lot of plastic packaging left over that is difficult to recycle. So why not just take a chance and make the pralines yourself? With a lot of love and little effort, you can give your loved one great joy. You can find lots of recipes on the internet. And between you and me, homemade always tastes much better.


Time for two

Gifts that you can't buy are still the best. It doesn't take much to make someone happy. Warm gestures, a warm hug or just some time together. Surprise your partner with a spontaneous trip, a home-cooked dinner or go to a concert or the theater together again.

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Something useful for everyday life

It is important and healthy to drink enough every day, ideally water or tea. With our TreeBottle you can give your partner a really meaningful gift for everyday life. The thermos bottle keeps its contents hot for up to 12 hours. Cold for 24 hours. The TreeBottle becomes even more personal if you engrave it with the name of the recipient. Bright eyes incoming…

The good old voucher

Giving away vouchers is always a thing. How many unused vouchers are lying around at home? There are certainly better and more personal gifts than vouchers. But if creativity is not your strength and you still want to give your partner a voucher, then please give it a meaningful one. Everyone is happy to receive a NIKIN Gift Card - and this voucher will certainly not remain unused for long.  

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Give the gift of a little hope

Nice gifts are always ones from which others also benefit - because, as we all know, shared joy is the most beautiful joy. Take on a sponsorship on behalf of your partner. For example, for an animal or a tree that could really use your support. You can find numerous types of sponsorships on the Internet, find one that suits you and do something good with it.

Never Stop Loving

The absolute classic

When was the last time you wrote a letter by hand, and then a love letter? A personal handwritten letter is probably the most beautiful and emotional gift you can give to your loved one. Sometimes it's easier to express your feelings for a person in writing. If the letter can be a little more creative, for example, list the alphabet and write a suitable adjective for each letter that describes your loved one.

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