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Sustainable through the most beautiful day of your life

Your own wedding is a day that is usually longed for and planned for a long time - because in the best case scenario, you only get married once in your life. The role nature plays in this is shown by the fact that May is the most popular month for marriages. The spirit of optimism in nature in spring goes wonderfully with the exuberant joy of your own wedding. But how can you celebrate a great wedding and at the same time protect nature and the environment?

These days, when couples get together in May, they don't do it because they have to. A liberalization of social norms has ensured that it has long been completely acceptable to live together without a formal “yes” word. Conversely, everyone who wants to “crown” their relationship with a wedding can do so with a clear conscience - sometimes only after years of living together without a wedding certificate or church.

Image: Forever and always.

Wedding planning completely sustainable

If the step to the registry office and in front of the altar is actually taken, it involves extensive planning. After all, it should be a very special day - and the individual aspects of the celebration should underline that. Therefore, both partners, and usually also their families, are concerned with the selection and preparation of

  • Wedding dress
  • Locations for weddings and celebrations
  • Food and drinks
  • Decorations
  • Invitations

Everything should be attractive, high quality, romantic - but is it sustainable?

Image: The most beautiful day in your life with your loved ones.

Sustainable romance in the wedding dress

The wedding dress is the culmination of many women's dreams - and underlines that the bride is the center of attention on this day. Opting for bridal fashion made from natural fibers and accessories that don't have a global supply chain behind them is entirely possible and doesn't even have to cost much more. Practical-minded couples buy the clothes second hand - or rent a dream of lace and ruffles for the day.

Image: Even at sustainable weddings you don't have to go without floral decorations. 

Celebrate in an environmentally friendly way with seasonal cuisine and decorations

The processes at the celebration are elaborate and sometimes very exotic - but sustainable ideas can be implemented very well here, making the event a truly special event. Since May already brings lush flowers and delicious food, couples wanting to get married can plan their wedding with seasonal offers at Kilometer Zero. Fruit and vegetables from the area, meat or fish dishes from local producers are included, as are floral decorations from local suppliers who use local flowers and twigs.

Other elements can also significantly reduce the impact on the environment: LED fairy lights or candlelight at dusk appear more romantic than bright lighting and are ultimately cheaper.

Wedding couples should also resist the temptation to use disposable tableware. Not only do plastic cutlery, plates and cups create a significant amount of waste, they also appear to be styleless. The most beautiful day in your life deserves a festive setting with pretty china and sparkling glasses - you can also rent them or have them in a well-kept restaurant.

Image: You can also rent the dream in white. 

Off to your honeymoon – not necessarily on a plane

As beautiful as honeymoons in extraordinary locations like the Maldives are, long-haul flights pollute the environment, and many of the “dream hotels” contribute to the pollution of tropical paradises. Newlyweds can experience romantic, unforgettable days (and nights) for two just as atmospherically within reach. Romantic chalets, cozy forest huts and retreats with breathtaking panoramas make this possible - usually with luxurious, unobtrusive service and local specialties.

Image: In good times and in good times. 

Wedding in a completely sustainable way – not just in May

One of the most beautiful days in your life does not have to be associated with a bad ecological conscience. On the contrary, the conscious decision for a sustainable concept offers unique opportunities to really stand out from the crowd in planning and execution and to celebrate in harmony with nature. A truly “green” wedding in May, but also in the other months, is possible, often even inexpensive and also makes the invited guests more environmentally conscious.

Image: Love is in the air. 

Eternal Blossoms

Nicholas Hänny, the co-founder of NIKIN, and Carla Hänny, our head of finance, also tied the knot. Fun fact: the flower decorations from her “most beautiful day” are still used today. The white mini flowers also adorned the shelves in the pop-up store or often the racks in direct sales in our Lenzburg home base.

Are you married too? Tell us about your “most beautiful day”!

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