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Sustainable through the winter

Winter is here and brings cooler temperatures again. Some love it and others escape into the warmth. We'll show you how you can survive the cold months at home without worries - and sustainably.

Winter is here and brings cooler temperatures again. Some love it and others escape into the warmth. We'll show you how you can survive the cold months at home without worries - and sustainably.


Some people love it and others hate it: winter. Regardless of whether you like it or not, it comes every year - sometimes it lasts longer and sometimes it lasts shorter. Everyone has their own tricks and preferences for surviving the cold winter days as unscathed as possible. The following tips should help you get through the winter months sustainably.

Regional before international

Actually, the rule “regional before international” applies all year round. But especially on cold and dark winter days, sometimes the desire for something fresh, such as exotic fruits or berries, wins out. It goes without saying that, on the one hand, these have long transport routes and, on the other hand, they are not typical foods in the cold season. If strawberries are a must in winter, they can be frozen in summer and eaten all year round. If you are not sure which vegetables or fruits are in season, find out more in just a few clicks on the Internet or get advice directly in the store.

Faux fur instead of real fur

The colder the wind blows around your ears - perhaps warmed with a NIKIN hat - the more comfortable you feel in a thick, warming winter jacket. Every year there are models on offer whose hood or inside is “spiced up” with fur. When buying, customers also assume that it is faux fur; It's actually logical, because animal suffering in the fur industry has long been no secret. Very few people would come up with the idea of ​​carrying real fur around with them instead. Why? All the more frightening are the results of investigations by Stiftung Warentest, which were found in 2016 with four jackets that appeared to be decorated with fake fur and a hat. All (!) of the items of clothing examined contained real fur - despite clearly stating that it was fake fur. Even more frightening is the fact that real fur from China is often cheaper than fake fur. There the animals are kept under horrendous conditions before they are gassed or killed. To distinguish fake fur from real fur, you can blow into the fur. Faux fur remains stiff and immobile, while real fur moves noticeably. To avoid strange looks – simply leave the fur out, whether real or not.

Mountain air instead of sandy beach

Winter sports enthusiasts and lovers are really looking forward to it until the thermometer drops to minus degrees again, the mountains are white and the skis and snowboards can finally be brought out of the cellar again. Where can winter sports enthusiasts pursue their passion better than in the Alps? Avoid long flights or car journeys and benefit from the opportunities that our numerous mountains offer you. The best is usually not far away anyway and is also more ecological. By the way, the mountains not only offer beautiful ski slopes in winter, but also many other great activities, such as snowshoeing or tobogganing.

Heat and ventilate correctly

Turning the heater off for a longer period of time and then warming it up again uses a lot of energy and is therefore not recommended. Instead, all you need to do is turn it down just a little. Turning the heater to maximum temperature causes immense energy waste and should therefore be avoided. However, you should not ventilate when heating, as the energy is wasted by heating “out the window”. Although cold temperatures do not encourage ventilation, this should still be done two to four times a day for five to ten minutes. This prevents mold and fresh air can never do any harm.

Public transport before car

Long walks on early winter mornings are a wonderful enrichment for the body and mind, but they are not for everyone. Out of convenience and an antipathy to the icy temperatures, people often forego the trip to the next bus stop and instead give the car the right of way. The problem is self-explanatory and can be easily solved by buttoning your winter jacket even tighter, putting on another layer and heading to the next bus or train. A little cold kick also helps you wake up - and maybe saves you a coffee or two.

Of course, there are 1,000 other tips on how you could make your winter more sustainable - these are just ideas that might get you started. 

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