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Synthetic fiber vs. natural fiber: What are the differences?

NIKIN uses both synthetic and natural fibers in its products. Why did we choose this mixture and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials?

NIKIN uses both synthetic and natural fibers in its products. Why did we choose this mixture and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials?

 Herstellung mit Kunstfasern

Our goal is to find the perfect balance between sustainability and affordability. To achieve this, we are always looking for the most suitable materials for our products. We have high demands on our producers and their materials. For example, it is essential for us that the material is vegan. Natural fibers that come from animals, such as sheep's wool, are therefore out of the question for us.

The advantages of synthetic fibers

We use natural materials in our products as often as possible. However, there are products that are not (yet) made from natural fibers and still meet our requirements. Our reasons for synthetic fibers are varied, we have listed some of them for you:

  • Synthetic fibers are durable. We believe it is unsustainable to make products from natural fibers that become unwearable after just a few washes. We want our customers to enjoy their products for as long as possible.
  • Synthetic fibers are warmer than, for example, cotton. Our Treeanies are made of synthetic fibers - apart from the recycled version. This is partly because a winter hat has to keep the ears warm, which synthetic fibers can do much better than cotton, for example.
  • We have carried out various experiments with natural fibers. However, some products only meet our quality standards if we make them from synthetic fibers. A product that is made from natural materials but does not have the desired quality will not be included in our range.
  • It is very important to us that our products are produced in Europe. However, many European manufacturers are still trapped in outdated ways of thinking. Sustainability is less important for them. That's why it's even more difficult for us to find a producer who produces high-quality, affordable products from natural fibers in Europe.
  • Synthetic fibers can be dyed with little effort. This means we are more flexible when it comes to our inventory levels. This is one of our measures to minimize excess inventory. We believe it is unsustainable to produce in large quantities and then let products collect dust in the warehouse.

Co-founder and head of the product team Robin explains in the video what our Treeanies are made of and what demands he and his team have on materials.


Where does our path lead?

Our product team is constantly looking for even better solutions. They also stay on the ball when it comes to sustainable, affordable and natural materials. The textile industry is one of the dirtiest businesses in the world. It is therefore incredibly difficult to find sustainable and European manufacturers for our products. But Robin and his team don't give up. They want to make the products even more sustainable and natural - and always in such a way that they remain affordable.


What can you contribute?

You decide for yourself which definition of sustainability you use. Is longevity particularly important to you? Don't want synthetic fibers in your products? Do you value European production facilities? Everyone can interpret sustainability differently for themselves. But what we would like to recommend to you: NIKIN is not about the individual tree, but about the big movement. We're trying to get as many people as possible to change their minds. We are sure that together we can have a big impact and give something back to nature.


Washing synthetic fibers

Clothing with synthetic fibers releases microplastics into the water every time they are washed. So if you wash synthetic products, we recommend the Guppyfriend. It filters out microplastics. Make sure not to wash your products too often or too hot. It is often enough to air the product out.

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