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The history of Black Friday and why NIKIN is rewriting it

Discount battle and mass consumption, that's how we know Black Friday. But where does Black Friday actually come from? And why is NIKIN doing exactly the opposite next weekend?

Black Friday, the day or even the weekend when there are a lot of discounts. But how did it happen? Basically, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the American version of Thanksgiving. This was originally a way of thanking nature for its gifts. And how did you go from this love of nature to a love of consumption?

Why is it called Black Friday?

Why the Friday after Thanksgiving (traditionally a Thursday) is called Black Friday is unclear. There are various theories. Some speculate that the many groups of people buying look like a black mass from a distance or that the day helps traders get from the red to the black for the coming year. Either way, Black Friday in the USA is the start of a long weekend and the Christmas shopping season.

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How did Black Friday come to Europe?

As early as the 1960s Black Friday, or at least discount offers on this day, was widespread in the USA and England. Over the last decade, these sales have increased more and more and have also reached other European countries. In Switzerland, Black Friday has been known more and more since 2014 and so the day is now an integral part of the annual shopping calendar. But this also has disadvantages.

The disadvantage of Black Friday

According to utopia.de on the one hand, the products are not cheaper at all, but in some cases even more expensive. In addition, the goods in the sale are not always products that could not be sold, but some are new goods especially for Black Friday. Furthermore, more consumption always means more consumption of resources and this can definitely harm nature. That's why NIKIN has been speaking out against more discounts and for more love for nature all month long with the Green November . Even on Black Friday itself we celebrate Green Friday instead. We are not offering any sales this Monday, but we are planting two trees per product instead of one. Because: Green is the new Black!

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