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The NIKIN Tree Planting Day 2019 – a great success!

In just over two years we have been able to plant over 160,000 trees – all over the world, but never on European soil. This changed on March 30th when, together with 50 motivated volunteers, we planted around 500 trees in our home region of Lenzburg in spring-like conditions.

In just over two years we have been able to plant over 160,000 trees - all over the world, but never on European soil. This happened on the 30th. Changed in March, because together with 50 motivated volunteers we planted around 500 trees in our local Lenzburg region in spring-like conditions. 


NIKIN Tree Planting Day 2019


Sunshine, warm temperatures and motivated helpers: the best conditions for NIKIN's first tree planting day. And although this certainly wasn't our last, we would still like to give you a little insight with this post and say THANK YOU again to all the helpers! We would especially like to thank the foresters Markus Dietiker, Roger Studer and the forestry apprentice Lukas Weber. Without your commitment and trust in us, this event could not have been implemented. Thanks for that!


As you probably already know, NIKIN, in cooperation with OneTreePlanted, has trees planted wherever (re)forestation is necessary. But our native forest must not be forgotten. That's why we decided on an event at which our employees, but above all our customers, were given the opportunity to plant trees themselves. The Lenzia forestry district has agreed to provide us with a forest area where our planting campaign could be carried out. Due to the bark beetle and consequently several storms, some trees had to be felled in the area, which made a suitable place for reforestation. 400 oaks, 40 yews and 40 silver firs were planted, which were already waiting to be planted in the form of naked roots or as seedlings in pots.


Due to capacity, we had to limit the number of participants at the first NIKIN Tree Planting Day to 50 motivated tree planters. However, this should change at future tree planting days. After the tree planters who had come from all over Switzerland gathered in the Lenzhard Forest, everyone was first provided with an exclusive Volunteer TreeShirt and a Treeanie. After a short welcome from Nicholas and Robin, the participants were instructed by the three foresters on how to carry out correct planting. Markus Dietiker emphasized that the hole must always be adapted to the plant and not the other way around. In order to protect the trees from wildlife, two acacia posts (made of Swiss wood, of course) had to be hammered in with a hammer to the right and left of the plant. A solid net was pulled over it and secured to the wood with four cable ties. Since the 480 holes had already been drilled by the foresters in advance, planting could begin.


 NIKIN Tree Planting 2019


After 1.After 5 hours of digging, hammering and planting, everyone was happy to receive refreshment in the form of biscuits, fruit and tea. After the break, Markus Dietiker explained to us about the respective tree species and their importance in the Swiss forest. The forester also told us that their forestry company works with a permanent forest, i.e.H that you can find all levels of development (smaller trees, middle class with a height between 10-20m and upper class) in a small area. If for some reason a tree from the upper class has to be felled, the next one from the middle class is already waiting.


In the second half of the day, the tree planters gave their all again and, together with the foresters, ensured that every plant was planted correctly. By the way, this could be checked with the “elk test”. The young plant is plucked. If the tree does not loosen, it has been planted with sufficient anchoring - and therefore correctly.


After all the yews, oaks and silver firs had found their new place in the Lenzhard forest, we were served cold beer and sausage, or a vegetarian alternative, toasted the first - but certainly not last - NIKIN Tree Planting Day.

Thanks again to all the helpers for their commitment, but also to the foresters for their support! Here’s to many more equally beautiful tree planting days!

Enthusiastic tree planters from all over Switzerland, great weather and a common goal created a great atmosphere and an unforgettable day. It shouldn't be the last time! Thank you for your commitment!

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Das isch tatsächlich en sensationelle Tag gsi! Ich freue mich jetzt scho uf de nächsti Baumpflanztag und hoffe au dert wieder chenne debi z’sih! 😎😎👍🏻

Stefane C.

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