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The year 2020 – a look back at our highlights

The turbulent and yet very eventful year of 2020 is coming to an end and that's why now is the perfect moment to sit back and look back on an eventful year.

The turbulent and yet very eventful year of 2020 is coming to an end and that's why now is the perfect moment to sit back and look back on an eventful year.

2020 will go down in history as the extraordinary year of Corona, and yet it actually started quite ordinary. In February the world still seemed to be intact, the virus was still far away from us, and so we set off with the entire team to Engelberg for the NIKIN Ski Day in February to put our skills to the test on the slopes. We enjoyed a fantastic day on the mountain and strengthened our team spirit for the numerous upcoming projects in 2020. 

In March we say goodbye to the home office

And then what we all feared happened: Corona reached Switzerland and the federal government declared a nationwide lockdown in March. Like all companies, we were faced with the question of what should happen next? Within a very short time, we switched the entire operation, with the exception of logistics, completely to home office, which took some getting used to at first, but fortunately it didn't pose any major problems because most of our processes can also be carried out online. 

Home Office

And yet it had to go on because we had a lot planned for this year. Over the course of the year, we were delighted to welcome numerous new, motivated employees to the NIKIN Family, who can take us to the next level with their know-how in various areas such as marketing, product, logistics, events or customer service. Many of them started their work directly in the home office, which could be challenging with the limited interpersonal contact, but could be managed with regular online meetings with the entire NIKIN team. Our team has now grown to almost 50 employees who give their full effort every day to further advance NIKIN and our vision. This growth also enabled us to found NIKIN AG in the summer. These developments make us very proud! 

Events – a no-go in times of Corona?

There were actually a number of events on the program for 2020, both external and internal. Most of them had to be postponed or unfortunately canceled. Among other things, various TreePlanting Days fell victim to this, where we wanted to lend a hand together with our community and help reforest our local forests. When the festival season officially ended, our event team had to reschedule quickly. But there shouldn't be a lack of alternatives; with strict protection concepts, various events could still be held. In September, on the occasion of International Clean-Up Day, with the help of many committed volunteers from our community, we were able to clear our hometown of Lenzburg of kilos of garbage - it was shocking to see how much waste ends up recklessly where it definitely doesn't belong. 

Our “Alaska” room, which we lovingly set up in the spring to become our first in-house shop for direct sales, unfortunately still had to wait for its first customers due to Corona. Instead, we organized the first online outlet sale, which went through the roof so much that at times even our website succumbed to the onslaught and collapsed. With the relaxed measures, we were finally able to put our in-house shop into operation in the summer and open our doors regularly for direct sales - of course always adhering to the necessary protective measures. On release days, the brand new products can be purchased directly from us. Since the number of visitors is particularly high on these days, we had to expect longer waiting times on a few occasions, but we bridged this with free beer and Indian delicacies from the food truck for those waiting in line. 

Alaska Room

This year we were also able to expand our shop network, in which selected NIKIN products are represented, to over a hundred partner shops across Europe. So you can definitely find us somewhere near you. We successfully opened a temporary pop-up store for the second time during the summer months, this time in Basel. 

We have (almost) everything you need – sustainably

For over four years, NIKIN has been pursuing the philosophy of cool, stylish and sustainable products at fair prices - we want to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone and inspire a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. If everyone would think just a little more sustainably, the world would be greatly helped. 

Zeitgeist, innovation and creativity, these are the characteristics that our product team always demonstrates. As a result, we regularly present new products that not only look aesthetically great and are comfortable, but are also made from sustainable materials and are largely made in Europe. We are particularly proud of our SwimWear Collection made from Econyl®/Seaqual® – recycled plastic from the oceans – or our new Treeanies made from Polylana®, a more sustainable alternative to conventional acrylic. For the latter material, we are the first brand to manufacture and offer products made from this material in Europe. 


Throughout the year, we release new products at regular intervals, for which our marketing and content team launched wide-ranging and creative advertising campaigns and produced a lot of great content - you've probably seen one of our advertisements about them Run away.


The absolute high-flyer of the year: the TreeMask

The best-selling product in 2020 was by far the TreeMask, but there is a need for explanation. At the beginning of the crisis, we actively decided against selling protective masks because we don't think it's right to profit from a crisis. And yet we were asked almost every day when NIKIN protective masks would finally be available. We then publicly asked our community several times whether there was a need for a mask from NIKIN. The result was clear, so we initially had 2,000 pieces made (we didn't know how long the epidemic would last), which were all sold out after a whopping 40 minutes. The sustainable and comfortable mask is a hit and this is also evident in public, there is hardly anyone on a train with a TreeMask on their face. 


But we still stick to our attitude and sell the masks without any profit of our own. We offer the protective mask at cost price, including 1 planted tree. We also offer the mask at an additional cost, which is donated directly to Caritas Switzerland's Corona Aid. We have masks again - so protect yourself and those around you with a TreeMask now. 

NIKIN without its community? – unimaginable!

As a brand, we thrive on our community, which supports us every day, inspires us and constantly moves us forward. Our great community is indispensable and helps shape NIKIN up close. We repeatedly offer surveys via social media the opportunity to have an influence and also express your wishes. Due to the many event cancellations, we unfortunately had to cut back on personal contact with our community - but we were even more connected online! Our social media team will keep you informed and entertained so that you are always up to date and don't miss anything from us. You can now find us on practically all social media platforms under @nikinclothing. With the total number of followers across all our platforms, we could fill stadiums (the leader is Instagram with around 115k followers)! 

The fact that our community can actually have an influence was shown during the “Crowd Design” competition in the spring, where anyone could submit designs for a TreeShirt. The crowd then decided on the winning design via online voting, which was then realized and ultimately offered on all of our sales channels. In total, we received over 1,200 designs, of which Dominique's “TreeCompass” design prevailed. Just a few hours after its release in August, it was already sold out. 


Half a million trees were planted in April - the full million in December!

“The one with the trees”: NIKIN wouldn’t be NIKIN without the trees. At the beginning of April, the tree count on our website passed the 500,000 mark! Half a million trees, that's an illustrative number. To symbolize this milestone, we planted the 500,000th tree in our hometown of Lenzburg, where it can be admired today at Markus-Roth-Platz. Under the Norway maple (Acer platanoides) a sign commemorates this special milestone in NIKIN's history. 

As in previous years, we celebrated “Green Friday” at the end of November instead of Black Friday. We made a conscious decision not to take part in this unbridled price war on Black Friday. That's why we deliberately didn't offer any discounts over the entire Green Friday weekend, but instead we planted 2 trees for every product sold. And a considerable sum was raised; a total of around 42,000 more trees will be planted on the occasion of Green Friday. 


During the Christmas season, our tree count rose ever faster, gradually approaching the full million trees planted - and on the 19th. In December morning the time had come: the million mark had been reached! 1,000,000 trees planted! We are once again completely overwhelmed by this gigantic milestone in NIKIN's history and can hardly put our joy and pride into words.  

We will of course also celebrate this milestone appropriately and immortalize it symbolically in our history. In the new year, NIKIN will sponsor a tree in our hometown of Lenzburg, which will continue to grow like us and will remind us of this big milestone for a long time to come.

That’s it – and now into 2021 with fresh enthusiasm!

For NIKIN, the Christmas season begins in spring. A functioning organization in advance is essential in order to be ideally prepared for our main season at the end of autumn. The (pre-)Christmas season is very intense, sometimes nerve-wracking, but still the most wonderful time of the year. All of our teams are working tirelessly these weeks to ensure you have a wonderful holiday season. Ultimately, our logistics together with customer service ensure that all gifts are under the Christmas tree on time. With NIKIN, a small seed has grown into a strong tree over the last four years, which will continue to grow in all directions in the new year. 


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