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These Christmas carols and Christmas songs awaken anticipation

Fresh from the NIKIN back office, we present you our favorite Christmas carols and Christmas songs. So if you're still in the middle of Christmas stress and don't want to get into the festive mood, treat yourself to our selection.

Similar to crowdsourcing, we relied on “songsourcing” for this blog with Christmas carols and Christmas songs. So we looked for the favorite song internally as a team at NIKIN. And voilà this is what came out:



Best Christmas song? The CEO says “Oh, Tannebaum”

Nicholas is the first to respond to song sourcing. To everyone who doesn't know yet: ersguterceo. “Oh, Christmas tree” is of course a classic. Especially when you consider that the song has its origins in the 16th century.

Graphics department offers the fountain of youth among the Christmas songs

“Santa Tell Me”, an input from the graphics department, goes in a completely different direction. Ariane Grande's song is from 2011 and has at least 2.7 million likes. So you might like it too.


Less cliché, more rock: Bruce Springsteen’s Christmas song

For those who find most Christmas songs too corny, we offer “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by Bruce Springsteen. After all, not everyone likes the full blast of Christmas atmosphere. 

From the 80s: the Christmas song par excellence

For everyone who can't get enough of clichés and kitsch, we have “Last Christmas”. Yes, yes, I know, not the song again, but the author of this blog just likes it.

Event department voted for “Jingle Bell Rocks”

«But please in the original version, no other version.» Okay, agreed! In fact, there are many covers of this song. The first with this song was Bobby Helms in 1957. Old, but gold!

New version, but the Christmas spirit remains

Michael Bublé sings “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” as if he hasn’t done anything else his whole life. We think it's good, I'm sure you do too and maybe this year dear Mrs. Holle will also hear it and treat us to Christmas with snow in the lowlands.

Frank Sinatra: what more could you want?

Finally, we wish you “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. The year was tough and you definitely deserve a nice Christmas!

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