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Throwing away leftover fruit in nature – is that allowed?

When hiking in nature, many trekking enthusiasts take their own picnic with them. After all, fresh air and physical exertion make you hungry. It makes sense that you don't throw away the leftovers from your meal. The only exception: leftover fruit. Because they rot, right?

Domestic fruit, i.e. the core of an apple or a pear, actually breaks down within a short time. It is usually found and plastered over by the local fauna beforehand. The situation is different with tropical fruit. Bananas and kiwi come in a bowl that is different. In their homeland there are climatic conditions that support rapid decomposition, but here we don't - especially in the cold season. It can take three years or longer for a banana peel to disappear.


Do not dispose of any exotic fruit leftovers – or better yet, nothing at all

Since fruits are also treated with pesticides in this country, you should not throw away the apple core when you are out and about. Disposing of leftover fruit is considered an administrative offense like other waste. You didn't know that? You're not the only person, some of us also got this facial expression:




That's how long fruit and waste stays on the mountain

To give an idea of ​​how problematic disposing of waste is, we have listed here how long it takes for common packaging or food and beverages to decompose:

Zersetzung Produkte

Dispose of waste correctly

Anyone who loves nature takes waste disposal seriously - even when it comes to leftover food. This is also relatively easy if you plan your hike or bike tour accordingly in advance:

  • Fruit can be peeled and portioned at home - it stays appetizingly fresh in a screw-top jar. The waste can go directly into the organic waste.
  • The sandwiches can be carried in specially designed lunch boxes. Chic models are available, for example, made of stainless steel.
[ product-handles list="treepack-hiking, treebottle-barrel, treepockettrash, treehoodie-into-forest-unisex, folded-polylana-r-ripped1, treecap-corduroy"]
  • Take a waste bag with you for everything that is packed in a shell or cover - or fold it yourself from old newspapers. After returning, the waste can then be disposed of properly.
  • Beverage bottles that keep cold things cold and hot things hot make plastic bottles unnecessary, and if you absolutely have to have a cigarette on the go, you can put the butts in a screw-on container instead of leaving them lying around in nature.

In this way you can prepare a delicious snack, the leftovers of which can easily be taken back with you - to the delight of nature and wildlife as well as other hikers.

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