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Tree Planting Update February: Free Trees for Portugal

In collaboration with our long-standing partner One Tree Planted, we plant native trees in Portugal as part of the Free Trees for Portugal project. The trees are planted where they previously fell victim to forest fires. This project not only helps the environment, but also strengthens the local community.

Free Trees for Portugal

The Free Tree for Portugal project is a nationwide project with different locations. New trees are currently being planted at 30 locations and forests are being reforested. Many regions of Portugal have been hit by recurring forest fires. The reasons include the destruction of the ecosystem and the planting of foreign vegetation species that are used to different climatic conditions and therefore react differently to the local climate.

Free Trees for Portugal

Help for self-help

By reforesting the forests, establishing and revitalizing native forests and strengthening the local community to independently start and implement these processes, Portuguese forests should be brought back into balance in order to reduce the frequency and number of fires reduce. In addition to nature, the local population also benefits greatly from reforestation, as the quality of life suffers from the fires. We want to show that reforestation can be done in a holistic approach that takes into account all areas of society, including environmental, social, financial and inspirational.

Free Trees for Portugal

Good things take time

The creation of native forests is a long-term process. During this process, those responsible for the project take into account many different points such as: condition of the soil, type of water, biodiversity, the nature of the landscape, the needs of residents and other important parties, and archaeology. This project involves working with local foresters and ecology experts. These projects are dedicated to the research and improvement of the affected areas.

Free Trees for Portugal

The beginning has been made – more trees are to follow with NIKIN

Over the last two years, One Tree Planted donated 25,725 native trees to various reconstruction projects that strive for reforestation. But that's just a drop of water on a blazing inferno. This shows us one thing – our mission in Portugal is far from over. A few more trees will be added, including with the help of NIKIN.

Free Trees for Portugal Project

Which trees will be planted?

Due to the large area covered by this project, a variety of native/endemic species suitable for each biosphere will be planted. Some common species include: Arbutus Unedo, Quercus Suber, Quercus Robur, Quercus Faginea, Quercus Ilex/rotundifolia, Castanea sativa, Oliveira-brava, Fraxinus angustifolia, Populus, Pinus pinea, Laurus Nobilis, Prunus Spinosa, Salix, Myrtus (tarentina ), Sambucus nigra, Alfarroba.

Free Trees for Portugal

What the Free Trees for Portugal project promotes

  • Planting and maintenance of large-scale
    planting projects to restore damaged ecosystems.
  • Creating job opportunities for planters across Portugal.
  • Restoration of land previously damaged (by forest fires and desertification).
  • Restoration of the groundwater table by reintroducing native plants to the damaged land.
  • Preventing soil erosion and creating carbon sinks in the soil.
  • Supporting the continued growth and strengthening of local communities.
  • Improve national awareness of the importance of planting native trees.
Free Trees for Portugal

You can find information about this and many other tree planting projects in our TreeTracker.

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