Wir feiern 5 Jahre NIKIN und fragen, wie gut kennst du uns? - NIKIN EU

We are celebrating 5 years of NIKIN and ask, how well do you know us?

For our five-year anniversary this Friday, we dug deep and found strange, funny and surprising random facts about NIKIN. Find out who calls the NIKIN founder “Bro” and why we used to think our logo was stupid…

Happy Birthday NIKIN! We've been on the road for five years now, planting trees and bringing sustainable clothing straight to your doorstep. “You can’t write that like that, it’s the post office, not us!” says Fabienne, who is sitting next to me in the open-plan office. She would actually be right, if it weren't for our TikTok campaign, where we actually deliver to our homes on our bikes:



Thank you very much for the conversation Valentin, you're a great guy! 💚🌲#delivery #first #first #bicycle #premiere #thun #emotional #nikinclothing #fy

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Now let’s move on to our random facts. For this, I asked around diligently and am happy to share my gossip loot with you. Let’s go! 

1. Reuse in a different way: the children's room

    Mum and Dad think to themselves: “Yes, the child has finally moved out!” But nothing there, the NIKIN founders Nicholas and Robin had their children's rooms reclaimed shortly after the start of NIKIN and converted into a warehouse for the items for a few months. You notice: Even the successful children find a way back to the nest. 



    2. 797 stitches and the logo sits

      “Note in the blog that it takes 797 stitches for our tree logo,” Robin says to me. Aha, and how do we know this exactly, I wonder? “The machine showed it like that.» Well then, dear community, 797 stitches for the NIKIN logo, like the Boeing 797. We are real high-flyers. 



      3. The community gone astray

        We're sticking with the logo. When NIKIN wanted to change this in 2018, as always, the community was consulted when making such decisions. Of course, we had our favorites among the different logos and we also had one that we didn't like at all. But the community thought it was the best and we actually took it. Check out Nicholas' TikTok to see if he got over it:



        We selected our new logo via WhatsApp #community #logo #branding #marketing #startup #Switzerland #Germany

        ♬ Please Tell Rosie - All Colors & YouNotUs


        4. Nihao, Bro

          Our beautiful TreeBottles made of stainless steel are our only items that are not made in Europe. This is partly because we haven't found a suitable European supplier yet, but also because the manufacturer is such an easy-going guy. “He’s been writing to me as “Bro” since day 1,” smiles NIKIN founder Robin. The inside name for the TreeBottle from now on: BroBottle. 



          5. Real handwork

          “We used to write the delivery note by hand,” Nicholas remembers. Wow, that must have been difficult. “Yes, I’m glad we’re five years ahead today,” laughs Nicholas. 

          Lieferschein alte Version

          And that’s it. Can you think of any other random facts? Or were you there from the beginning? Did you ever receive a handwritten delivery note or did you vote for the “stupid” logo? Let us know and get in touch in the comments! 

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