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What is actually behind the name “NIKIN”?

“NIKIN” stands for the up-and-coming Lenzburg start-up that plants a tree for every product – soon there will be 1.5 million. But what is actually behind the name “NIKIN”? We'll explain it to you.

“NIKIN” stands for the up-and-coming Lenzburg start-up that has a tree planted for every product – soon there will be 1.5 million. But what is actually behind the name “NIKIN”? We'll explain it to you.

NIKIN Wald Baum Logo

It all started in late autumn 2016, two guys met for a beer in the pub and developed an idea. The idea grew into a small regional side project and today, almost five years later, it has become a real company that is known far beyond the borders. From the tiny seed, to the growing seedling and from there to the sturdy young tree, which slowly grows upwards - just like the first or so.2 million trees that have been planted around the world so far thanks to this extraordinary idea.

The name “NIKIN” has been on everyone’s lips for almost five years, or rather the expression “the one with the trees”. It is often the case that when someone is asked about the name NIKIN, all that is followed is a questioning shake of the head and a shrug of the shoulders. But if it is then added that they are the ones who plant trees, most people will light up and say “aaaha, yes, of course I have heard of them - I even have a TreeShirt and a few TreeSocks myself”. Clarity.


But actually our name is “NIKIN”, accompanied by our slogan “Tree by Tree” – tree by tree. By the way, NIKIN is pronounced the way it is spelled; depending on the language and intonation, the “K” is pronounced a little scratchier or softer. And by the way, the word NIKIN is a palindrome, which means that whether read forwards or backwards, it always means the same.

And where does the name NIKIN actually come from?

What is the literal meaning of “NIKIN”? Is the name derived from a Greek goddess like the sports giant “Nike”? No of course not. For this explanation we have to go back a few years. The name “NIKIN” has an older origin, dating back to around 2013.

NIKIT Website 2013

Nicholas, one of the two founders, founded a small project back then, which he called “NIKIT”, derived from his name. What was a worldwide hit back then and is now out of trend were these gym bags, practical backpacks that offered enough space for smaller trips or for sports equipment. Nicholas refined the basic idea of ​​such a bag with sophisticated integrated pockets. His specially developed logo depicted the letter “N” and two chain links attached to each other. The vision behind it was that Nicholas wanted to combine style and utility with his bags. As it turned out, he did it. He had the approximately 1,000 bags manufactured in China and shipped to Switzerland, from where he launched sales via his online shop. The bags quickly left and soon it wasn't just in Lenzburg, Nicholas' home. It didn't take long before the world-famous snowboard brand “NIKITA” from Iceland came knocking and insisted on their trademark protection, which banned Nicholas from any further production under the name “NIKIT”. So this aspiring project was put on hold for the time being.

Nicholas, Robin and a beer become NIKIN

The story of NIKIN is one of those infamous beer ideas that comes from a simple idea and then one thing leads to another. In October 2016, the two childhood friends Nicholas and Robin met for a beer in Lenzburg. The two families are very good friends, Nicholas and Robin played together in the sandpit, then they visited the scouts together, and when they were a little older they skated together in the streets of Lenzburg. And Zazoo and Simba, as Nicholas and Robin are called in the Scouts, obviously still share this love of nature - today they are business partners and have soon planted one and a half million trees.

Nicholas & Robin jung

But one question still remains unanswered: what does “NIKIN” mean now? “NIKIN” is a combination of the names of the two founders, Nicholas and Robin. Funnily enough, they didn't realize this coincidence until months later. First and foremost, the brand was no longer allowed to be called “NIKIT” and so they agreed in the pub to use “NIKIN” because it looked aesthetically beautiful and sounded cool onomatopoeically. The logo has also changed in the meantime - the chain links gradually disappeared and the tree - the typical "NIKIN fir" with a narrow trunk - moved into focus and adorns all of our products. And so we will probably always remain “the ones with the trees”, but we hope that people will also remember the name “NIKIN” in the future.

 Nicholas & Robin

P.S “NIKIN” is the only correct spelling. Media companies usually do not write brand names in large letters, which is what “Nikin” is all about in these cases. But our name is neither “NICKIN”, “NIKKIN” or “NIKON”. ;-)

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