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Paper without deforestation - that is indeed possible!

Alternatives to paper made from wood fibers

Unfortunately, paper is mainly made of wood fibers from trees. More than 50% of the forests cleared worldwide are turned into books, newspapers, boxes and cardboard or, quite simply, into toilet paper. The "tree wear" of the individual can even be converted. In Germany, for example, in 2010 each person "consumed" about three trees on average. Everyone. Even toddlers! Every few seconds, an unimaginable area of forest disappears worldwide.

It is being cut down too much!

It is true that a part of the processed wood comes from the forest industry, ie from areas where so-called productive forests are raised. "Forests" are artificial-looking forests in which all trees are the same size and the same thickness and are lined up at regular intervals like tin soldiers. But elsewhere, in Canada, Scandinavia, and Southeast Asia, for example, natural forests are being cut, including trees several hundred years old. Forests that are (still) intact ecosystems and home to endangered species such as grizzlies, lynxes, orangutans, and many other species. All this for a few sheets of paper that are consumed and often thrown away.

Trees generate oxygen

Trees are not only important for the animal world, but also for us. Here again for all city people: trees are these cool things that not only look nice green, but give us the air to breathe. Literally. Because trees convert nitrogen into oxygen. Without trees we run out of breath. With the current worldwide paper consumption sooner rather than later.

It works without paper - at least with significantly less

However, everyone can and should do something to make sure that does not happen. A very important step is simply to do without as much paper as possible. In the home area works quite well, because even the shopping list you can finally tap into the smartphone, and purchases can be made to ensure that no or little packaging is there.

In addition, not every email must be printed and filed! There are digital information management solutions in the cloud that not only make the job paperless, but also easier.

Of course it is not entirely without paper. Handwritten letters, greeting cards, but also stylish notepads and books do not go out of fashion, and no one has to do without it. Because there is recycled or tree-free paper.

Make new out of old - recycled paper

Recycled paper is anything that is (almost) made entirely from waste paper. This saves a lot of wood and protects the forest, and water and energy are consumed much less in the production. Right, once recycled paper was gray and ugly, and you felt virtuous when you used it. Today, however, the reclaimed waste paper is hardly distinguishable from conventional paper and is something to be proud of.

Tree-free paper - how does that work?

Yes, there are a lot of plants whose fibers are suitable for papermaking. These include banana plants and hemp, kenaf and cotton, tobacco, bamboo and coffee plant fibers and so-called bagasse, the fibers of the sugar cane. From all these raw materials, attractive eco-paper can be produced. Of course, not quite as cheap as paper from conventional production, but of course this also encourages thinking about consumption. At NIKIN, for example, only copy paper made of bamboo and bagasse paper is used for our tree certificates - unbleached and with zero tree inside.

We sponsor trees. Worldwide. With your purchase!

Because preserving the forests of our planet is extremely important, we are committed to their continued existence in the future. The principle is simple, for each NIKIN article we sell each month to our affiliate OneTreePlanted, a globally active, non-profit, non-profit climate-friendly organization in the US. Several times a year, "OTP" carries out professional plantings of regional tree species at more than ten locations worldwide. The trees are planted by many volunteers from the local community and by "OTP" themselves, where they have previously disappeared for various reasons such as agriculture, timber industry or due to forest fires or drought.

"Your" tree with us

Where "your" tree will eventually be depends on where the next tree planting action takes place. But via the website of "OTP" and via our Instagram or Facebook, you can quickly find out where the plant is being planted. You will not know exactly what "your" tree is, or even where it stands, but you know that you have sponsored a young tree for the future of the earth! That's why every time you order, you'll receive a Tree Certificate issued in your name that officially makes you a tree sponsor.

Finally, we also work digitally for the most part, you will receive your invoice by e-mail. If you want to reach for the tree-free paper, here are some links that will give you information as well as paper types to buy!

> http://www.conservatree.org/treefree.html

> http://truegreenpaper.com/tree-free-paper/

> http://techalive.mtu.edu/meec/module17/bleachedpaper2.htm

> https://www.ecomall.com/greenshopping/etreefree.htm